Check Out the Tampa Bay Success Stories!

We want you to be a part of our Tampa Bay Success Stories! We are so proud to serve the wonderful Tampa Bay area and all the dogs in our community. Our goal is to keep these dogs out of the shelters and rescues! Thanks to their owners hard work and dedication we are able to help hundreds of dogs in the area. Below are just a few of the dogs we have help!

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Victoria is amazing. We’ve had numerous trainers but Victoria’s training methods have been the most successful. My husband hasn’t been impressed with any of our past trainers until Victoria. Her patience and knowledge has changed the way we interact with our 6 dogs and the way they respond. All positive. Our home is less stressful.

Victoria taught us that consistency is a must especially for stubborn dogs.  She showed us how to be a leader gaining respect from the dogs. I never realized how important that is especially with multiple and large dogs. I like to take my dogs to different events sometimes crowded events. It is important that my dogs give the best impression and with Victoria’s help my dogs are complimented for their good behavior.

One of my dogs, Emma, is dog selective. I purposely chose Victoria because she’s familiar with this trait as she adopted Emmie’s mom, Reena. If anyone could help Emma it would be Victoria. I am so thankful for Victoria’s skills, techniques  and unique understanding of people and their dogs. Emma has been given a second chance. Emma isn’t ‘cured’ but there is light at the end of the tunnel where there was darkness.

Victoria has given us the tools to help our dogs be the best that they can be. My son, 2 dogs and I drive close to an hour on Saturdays to attend group training.  I look forward to the training and watching my dogs succeed. We wouldn’t have the wonderful pack that we have without Victoria.


Victoria is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable canine trainer.  She posses a very passionate attitude toward animals and has taken full advantage of that to share her experiences with dogs and their families.  I had the fortunate opportunity to see her in action as she trained 2 six year old German Shepherds who were newly united and not very happy about the situation.  She quickly came in and assessed the situation, explained the reasons for the behavior and how to remedy the aggression.  She put together a very comprehensive plan with objectives to be met.  The GSD are responding quickly and harmony in our home is in sight.  Thank you so much, Victoria for sharing your time, experience and patience with the Alonso family.  I highly recommend Bayshore Dog training.

Heather W.

I hope all is well. I wanted to thank you again for all the help training Obi (and me!). My husband and I recently got married and were able to incorporate our dogs into the day. Obi behaved so well (though we realized our other dog needs a little work). It’s amazing the difference in him since we did the training! Even my sister was able to walk him in a heel!

Caitlin Hoch & Obi

I’ve been through Victoria’s group training class three times, with different dogs (all rescues) and am now starting a 4th to have my personal dog earn his CGC. She’s an amazing trainer that gets inside a dog’s head and figures out the best way to help both the pup and the human!

Crystal G.

I worked with Victoria from bayshore training in tampa…. I worked in doggy daycare and training in pa. they used positive training ….hated prong collars… well my pit was bitten twice there by other dogs…then becoming dog dog aggressive…. we moved to fla. and I have a knee replacement… my little girl was horrid and treats and clicker was not working…Victoria explained to me…that dogs CAN make good decisions… and that the prong collar is just a tool… not all dogs can work with clickers…. and all positive…. I was thinking of getting rid of my lil girl…because she would lunge at all the little yapppy dogs in this retirement community…. well several months later …lots of love and training…and awesome help from Victoria…I have a dog who walks on a loose leash, no longer lunges at squirrels….. and is able to walk by most dogs without a peep…. an occasional correction if she forgets how to make a good decision….. she is 50lbs of solid muscle… and it is a pleasure to walk …. and hear all the compliments from those neighbors that had judged her by her breed and bad behavior ….. now if they could  all train their badly behaved little dogs….lol….without Victorias help my girl could have ended up in the shelter or I would have been one of those people walking their dog.. at 5 a.m. to avoid other dogs…(that’s when my neighbor walks her yorkie!) Thank you is just not enough…. I have an awesome dog….

Kathleen R.

Normally when I would take Kazee to the vet I would call upon arrival to see if a room was open for us, otherwise we’d wait in the car. Monday was our first vet visit since attending training and the parking lot was full but I had faith in him so we went and checked in at the desk and then sat down. There was only one person waiting and she was holding a chi puppy. Kazee had no reaction. A couple minutes later a lady walked in with two rat terriers, Kazee paid them no attention. Shortly after that, here comes a very hyper poodle, again no reaction. THEN here comes a LARGE MALE dog from one of the rooms BUT guess what? Kazee did NOT react but more importantly neither did I!! The HARDEST thing about it was to remember that Victoria says not to get anxious and that to expect that they’ll do the right thing! It just takes practice but it works! I know it’s hard to believe this 95lb lug is anything but LOVE!!

Pam F.