Cribs & Canines

Dog Training for New Parents in Tampa Florida!

Are you both a dog owner AND an expecting parent? With all the natural joy you are feeling and with the preparations you are probably making, don’t forget that this life-changing even will also affect your dog! While dog training may not be at the top of your to-do list, it is certainly something to consider.

While you may a well-behaved pup, the changes a new baby brings to the home might bring confusion to the dog, potentially causing anxiety and other behavioral problems. The consistent structure your dog follows in the home is now taking a sharp turn, and with some cases, these dogs have no idea how to handle it!

Your best Tampa dog trainer, Victoria Parker, is offering the Cribs and Canines program – a training protocol that will set up your dog for success, both for when the baby arrives…and even before they come home from the hospital! Through reward-based methods, Victoria will equip you and your dog the proper knowledge and tools to ensure your whole family is taken care of…where the dog learns to adjust to a new life with a baby, while also forming a deep familial bond.

    Some features of the Cribs and Canines program are:

    • Basic (and advanced) obedience and manners: no jumping on pregnant mom or inside the baby’s crib, no rough or aggressive play with the baby, no jealousy or territorial behavior over or toward the new baby, no snatching away the baby’s belongings or food, etc.
    • Specific scenarios based on real life and success: your dog will learn how to heel with the baby, whether he/she is in the stroller or in your arms. The dog will learn to be calm and obedient, without exhibiting any anxiety, including when the owner has the baby, the baby is crawling around, etc. The dog will learn to be gentle, respectful and relaxed with a new baby.
    • Owner empowerment and education: it is MOST important that you as the owner and parent can build and maintain consistency both before and after the birth of your baby. You will be aided to find the right structure for your family, and gain the confident ability to follow through and make your family stronger than ever!

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