About Tampa Dog Trainer 


Victoria Parker- Owner/Head Trainer

At six years old, Victoria Parker managed to befriend the meanest dog in her neighborhood. It was only natural she’d make a career out of dog training.

After years of having her own animals and shuttling them back and forth according to her military husband’s deployment, they finally settled down in Florida, where she was better able to pursue her passion for animals. She began volunteering at the county shelter by running the obedience classes and group play sessions for the Amazing Dogs on Positive Training program (ADOPT), which focuses on training and socializing pit bulls so they can earn their Canine Good Citizen Certification.

Victoria has also worked with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and, thanks to a grant from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, was able to offer in-home training for dog adopters in an effort to raise the retention rate in adopted pets. In March 2013, she became a Thank Dog! Boot Camp certified instructor and began running the workout sessions at the Florida SPCA.

Victoria has also been certified for in-home training by Canine Trade Group, an intense and selective program for aspiring dog trainers. This program involves 320 hours of combined book work and hands-on experience. Victoria studied training theory and the science of canine behavior before using her newfound knowledge to train rescue dogs, making them more adoptable and giving herself the opportunity to gain experience in several training areas.

Thanks to the intensive education program, Victoria can handle any canine behavior problem that comes her way. Whether your dog/puppy is aggressive, anxious, hyper, disobedient, or refusing to house train, Victoria can help you help them and restore your ideal canine/human relationship.



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