In-Home Dog Training Programs in Tampa


Why In-Home Training?

In-home training ensures you and your pet receive one-on-one attention, and it also ensures we are giving your pet the tools to succeed by helping them understand what is expected of them in their normal environment, with their normal handler, away from distractions. At the same time, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your dog and teach them to view you as the leader. We don’t venture outside of the home until your dog understands the commands inside the home.

The board-and-train method and group obedience lessons are sometimes effective for basic obedience, but once your dog gets home to his usual distractions, they often experience a relapse. And if you’re looking to train because of a behavioral issue—forget it. It’s impossible to break a habit or deter a reaction when the training takes place away from the cause.

Training Programs Designed for YOU!

Bayshore Dog Training’s in-home program will provide you with dedicated service customized to you and your dog’s needs. A trainer will meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to talk with you and observe your dog. Based on this visit, they’ll create a lesson plan for you and will be available to you until your dog is fully trained.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your dog’s behavior or lack of basic obedience, give us a call. We have experience and certification in the following areas:

  • Aggression (growling, biting, lunging, etc. in response to other pets, people, or their food/territory)
  • Unreliability (refusing to come when called, ignoring your commands, etc.)
  • Hyperactivity (excessive barking, jumping, urination, etc. usually in response to excitement)
  • Anxiety (digging, chewing, whining, general nervousness or fearful behavior)
  • Housebreaking (eliminating somewhere other than their designated spot, whether that’s a particular outside area or a puppy pad)

To learn more about in-home training or to schedule a consultation, call 813.359.1137or e-mail Bayshore Dog Training through the Contact Us page.


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