The Origin of Bad Behaviors 

As a professional dog trainer in Tampa, I have come across all the naughty behaviors you can think of. From pottying inside on the owner’s bed, snatching food off the counter, constantly barking when left alone, biting problems with other family members….really, you name it, I’ve seen it and dealt with it!

Dog Training TampaMany owners are confused and at a loss when their dogs start showing behavior problems. This could happen shortly after being adopted into the home, or many months or even years after! There are questions on possible links to a previous life of neglect and the poor behavior. This is common with dogs that are rescued off the streets or from shelters, but I also have met many dogs from reliable breeders that display just as bad behavior. The origin of bad behaviors with our dogs is normally a mystery, and most likely is mixture of different factors. We can blame an abusive past, the rough life being in a shelter, breeds and genetics, or whatever we can think of. What’s really important though is, “What are we going to do to solve these problems?”

Throughout my training career and experiences, I have seen a lot of dogs that might have gotten the short end of the stick from Nature. But the owner and I can at least step in for the Nurture aspect, and help dogs overcome their behavioral issues, despite genetic dispositions or breed biases. The majority of the time when I get clients calling me to help their dog’s issues, there are inconsistencies in the household and with the communication between dog and owner. Of course, dog owners always do their best to give their dogs a life of love and luxury, but sometimes there are small things that go unnoticed that contribute to bad behaviors. This is what dog trainers are there for – to help owners identify that the issues are, what might be causing it, and how to achieve behavioral balance and success.

Anxiety is the typical cause of behavioral problems. Once we figure out why the dog is anxious and fix the problem, then everything else will fall into play. For instance, if a dog is constantly barking while left home alone, it could be because the dog is nervous and experiencing separation anxiety. In this situation, I don’t want to just train the dog to not bark when alone, I want to tackle the anxiety that is causing it, that way the dog will not only learn to behave better, but also be more calm, relaxed, and happy!

If you’re puzzled by your dog’s poor behavior and what might be causing it, it is probably time to seek out professional help. Call our offices at 800-649-7297 or write us at and we’ll help you resolve you and your dog’s problems!