Set Your Puppy Up For Success! – Tampa Bay Puppy Training

The holidays are coming soon, which means people are going to be scooping up puppies as gifts for the kids! For those who are thinking about bringing in a new furry family member into the home, I always stress to be mindful on how they find their pup (I push for shelter adoptions, or if one wants to go for a breeder, then I stress to do carefully research and find a legitimate breeder). And of course, as a trainer, I always stress the importance of training (both for the dog AND the humans)! It’s no exception with puppies – it is critical that the young ones get the proper training so that they can begin a life of obedience and happiness in the house!

When puppies are brought into the home, normally the major concern is getting the puppy housebroken. With my puppy training program, I always make sure that the puppies learn that their toilet is not in the living room, but instead, outdoors. But it goes beyond just potty training. While it’s important that puppy learns to eliminate outside, many owners will stop after that’s done. Maybe they’ll teach the puppy “Sit” and cutesy tricks like “Shake” or “Play Dead!”, but there’s so much more the puppy can be learning!

Puppies are a clean slate for the most part – they don’t have years of behavioral problems or a checkered past that we could connect those behavioral problems with. With puppies, owners have both an opportunity and a responsibility to lead their puppies to a lifestyle of obedience and happiness. Reward-based training is not limited to adult dogs – puppies will THRIVE in this type of training regimen! Through this, puppies can learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, and they can also learn to make the choice that leads to a life full of praise and reward!

If training is not employed for the puppy, then he/she will think anything is fair game. Puppies and dogs use their mouths the way we use our hands, but like us, they must know when it is appropriate to use them. It’s like, Hey! Maybe I SHOULDN’T nip at my owner’s leg when we play! or Perhaps I should wait to take the treat from my owner’s hand, and NOT chomp it completely! Most people will know that it’s not strictly limited to food or owners – puppies may find your best loafers or high heels and think they are the best chewing toys in the world!

With my training program here in Tampa, I always make sure that the puppy learns the roles within the home. Owners are not dominant alphas, but loving, consistent leaders. The puppy will be set up for success at the get-go, as we take away nearly all opportunities for the rascal to get into any type of trouble. We create rewarding situations so that the puppy can learn that good behavior equates to praise and an occasional treat. Our goals with puppy training is to prepare the puppy for adulthood and real life, aiming to nip any bad behavior patterns in the bud before they develop into something severe and monstrous.

Don’t think that puppy training is only about potty training. Get your pup started on the right foot by giving me a call at 800.649.7297! We’ll set you and your family up for positivity and success!