Rescue Dogs Need Love and Training, Not Coddling

Here in the Tampa area, I offer in-home dog training programs to help dogs from any background with any behavioral issue. If a dog needs basic manners, is combating with anxiety, or suffering from aggression – Bayshore Dog Training can help!

Dog Trainer Tampa - Training instead of coddling!We are all aware of the overflow in animal shelters…so many dogs end up in these places due to overbreeding and mostly because of behavioral problems that went untreated. Because of the amount of animals coming into shelters, some of these animals end up living a short life. Other animals might get lucky and get the home they need and deserve, but if an adopted rescue dog is showing behavior problems, their chances of staying in their “forever” home, could decrease drastically!

Rescue dogs do need lots of love and attention, but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to set boundaries and instill some structured training into their lives. There’s a major difference between loving your rescue dog and coddling them. Even if your dog comes from a history of serious abuse or neglect, coddling and enabling their nervous, anxious or aggressive behavior is not going to do them or yourself any good!

Some people might think training is being tough on a dog, especially a rescue dog that might have a checkered past. In actuality, training can help enormously, and sometimes act as a complete lifesaver for these dogs! Training is not about punishment or telling a dog “No” all the time — it is about communication between owner and dog. It is about the owner teaching the dog what they expect from them now that the dog is part of the family and household. Training is about giving dogs a sense of direction and confidence, not increasing their confusion or making them fearful little robots. Training is not negative or hating your dog…training is showing love for your dog!

Every dog deserves a chance at training where they can learn how to be a happy, well-behaved dog. Particularly for rescue dogs, training is a great service and will not only improve their behavior, but it can guarantee them a happy life in a forever home with a forever family. As a Tampa dog trainer, it is my goal to keep dogs in their homes, and out of shelters!

If you have a dog that needs behavioral training, give me a call at 800-649-7297. If you have a rescue dog that you recently adopted, or are a rescue seeking training for some of your dogs so they can be vetted and find their forever homes, look into my Rescues In Training group classes and contact us ASAP!