Learn to be a Pack Leader!

Dogs are our friends, our family, and oftentimes our greatest comfort. However, they are also animals. Although we welcome them into our lives and into our homes with open arms and open hearts, they will always communicate in a different manner than we do and perhaps exhibit some less than ideal behaviors due to their canine instincts.

Be -pack leader with our Tampa dog training programs!Every dog training program I offer has been designed to bridge the gap in communication between dog and owner. My education in canine psychology and canine history has made it clear that dogs thrive on a pack structure. In order to have them fully focused on you and capable of understanding you, they must view you as the pack leader.

In most cases, your relationship doesn’t have to be all work and no play for you to see real behavioral changes in your pet. By using my tried and true training techniques to establish yourself as your dog’s leader, you’re building trust and respect between you and your dog, and this trust and respect will help your dog obey you, trust your decisions, and relax.

Establishing leadership is key to tackling canine behaviors such as hyperactivity, aggression, excessive behaviors, leash reactivity, and more. It takes the burden of protecting the home/family (which can lead to aggression or excessive barking) off the dog. It allows you to set boundaries, calm any anxiety, and convince your dog to obey basic commands. By establishing yourself as the leader in the beginning of the relationship, or at least at the onset of any behavioral problems, you’ll also eliminate any chance your dog will attempt to dominate. Dogs that give into their will to dominate often mark in the house and show signs of aggression.

Your position as pack leader will make for a happier, more relaxed home, allowing you to enjoy the time you have with your dog instead of struggling with behavior! To learn more about my training programs and how they can help you, call me today at 800.649.7297.