Why Dogs NEED Impulse Control

Raising a dog is very much like raising a child. There are times when you’ll be frustrated, surprised, annoyed, and times when they’ll amaze you, but you’ll always need to be confident that they’ll listen to you and do the right thing in an emergency. Ultimately, every owner wants their dog to be responsive, alert, well-mannered towards other dogs and people, and understand commands that keep them safe. What all of these goals have in common is that all of them have to do with teaching your dogs impulse control.

dog training outsideThe issues with a lack of impulse control reach far beyond just an overexcited dog jumping on you when you get in the door or stealing food when your back is turned. It could result in social problems, like being too excitable with other dogs or aggressive with humans, or a dog that is too aggravated by stimuli to follow commands when it needs to. It could potentially result in your dog getting hurt – or accidentally hurting others. The implications of good impulse control go beyond ‘sit & stay’, although that’s a key start to teaching the kind of patience your dog will need to resist tempting stimuli like food on your counter, screaming children on the seat, or other excited, friendly dogs.

Our training approaches will work around your schedule, goals, and you and your dog’s abilities. Trainers are patient and understand that not all pets are wired the same and have the same impulses, but we’re happy to address any concerns. We communicate with the owner every step of the way to make sure you feel prepared for going out into the real world after training. We teach you the basics in your own home and expand on that knowledge together to help your dog from excitable and impulsive to attentive, calm, and responsive.

In many circumstances, your dog is going to be relying on you for comfort & gauging your response to pressure, but if the dog has not learned basic impulse control, it may react without checking in with you first. Social structure dictates that just teaching the dog alone won’t help if you don’t know how to best back your pet up, so that’s why we teach you as well.

If you’re curious about getting your dog to focus and restrain themselves even when food, exciting toys, or other dogs are around, contact us at 800.649.7297 to talk about options.