Breed Restrictions Don’t Belong in Dog Training

I am often shocked when I get possible clients calling me and asking me if I have any breed restrictions for any of my training programs. When it comes to behavior, a breed doesn’t equate or guarantee a certain kind of behavior. Pitbulls are one of the most common breeds to get a bad reputation, often associated with fighting and vicious behaviors. There are certainly aggressive Pitbulls out there but they’re not aggressive BECAUSE their Pitbulls. More than likely, these dogs have gone through trauma or abuse, or have been shaped by people to be an aggressive dog. I’ve trained some aggressive Pitbulls, but also some of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met have been Pitbulls. Just like I’ve met a lot of sweet Golden Retrievers or Labradors — the typical “family dog” breeds — I’ve also met some that have show aggressive behaviors as well!

dog trainer with dogsI am a Tampa dog trainer that is equipped and confident enough to work with any type of dog, regardless of age, breed, size, or behavior and temperament. Breed restrictions have no place here at Bayshore Dog Training. I don’t understand how a trainer or training company could have breed restrictions — whatever the breed is, if a dog needs behavior help, it is our job to help them!

When it comes to different breeds and sizes, I’ve seen and trained them all. Got a wild 160lb Great Dane that won’t listen and stop jumping? I’ll train him. Got a yappy and snappy Dachshund or Chihuahua that seems to have a “Napoleon complex” or “Little Dog Syndrome”? Send them to me! Do you have a mighty and aggressive Akita, Pitbull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, or Mastiff that is wrecking havoc in your home and neighborhood with their barking and biting? No problem, I’ll train them! 

At Bayshore Dog Training, I will work with your dog and you so that you can learn the proper communication and handling skills to help your dog and reach your training goals. All the in-home dog training programs are commitment-based where I will work with you and your dog until your goals are met and achieved! Even if your dog is gigantic, small, mild-mannered, or the neighborhood Cujo, I CAN help and bring behavioral change for you and your dog so that you can live a happy, stress-free live together!

Got a dog that just seems hopeless? Do you have an “aggressive” breed that no one wants to work with? Call Bayshore Dog Training at 813.359.1137, or use our contact form to write an email!