Behavior Assessment Should Never Be Done Over the Phone! 

Many people wonder about the use of our in-home assessment sessions – are it really necessary to have a trainer come in and interact with the dog, or can it just be done over the phone? Although a phone consultation would be easier in theory, it’s ineffective if not done in person.

Some trainers may make quick judgements over the phone without ever seeing the dog exhibit behavior problems in person, which would lead to an inaccurate assessment of the issue and problems for the owner.

Bayshore Dog Training Tampa gets results, no matter what the behavior!From an owner’s perspective, they can also assess their trust of the trainer and their skills with dogs. It’s much better to get the opinion of an expert who has hands-on experience than take advice from someone you’re not entirely certain about – there are a lot of false certifications floating around, and you won’t be sure how a person handles dogs until you see them with your dog in person.

The key problem is that with any behavioral question, there are multiple angles to a situation.

What environment was your dog in when the event occurred? What did the behavior look like? What are the dog’s normal reactions to this situation? The trainer needs to get all these facts but also interact with the dog themselves to get an idea of where the problem is coming from. Body language, home environment, and the relationship between the dog and their owner all play key factors, and you simply cannot get a good picture of that over a phone call.

No matter what the problem is, our trainer would love to meet with you in person for an assessment and discuss next steps for personalized training. Give us a call today at 800.649.7297 to talk about behavior correction and our in-home training.