Bayshore’s Rescues in Training

Bayshore’s Rescues in Training is a unique group class that provides a safe, structured and controlled environment in which you can bring your rescue dog and provide him with the skill set required to be a stable, social member of society.

It concentrates specifically on nurturing the relationship between dogs and their humans and teaches them to focus even in the presence of distractions, such as other dogs. Dogs that have dog reactivity issues have them due to one of two reasons: they had either no interactions with other dogs at the critical period of their development, or they had BAD interactions with other dogs. As adults, these issues are often left unchecked. If they see another dog during walks, there is a flare up of excitement and then we hurry past the issue, leaving it unresolved. The dog leaves the interaction in a state of anxiety, so it should not surprise us that the next time he sees a dog, he associates it with that same sense of anxiety. In this class, the dogs have the opportunity and guidance needed to work through this initial state of excitement and arrive at a more stable, focused frame of mind, making it possible for them to have more positive experiences around other dogs.

Rescues in Training will also show new adopters how to set up a successful environment in their homes in order to give their new addition every possible chance to succeed. We cover techniques such as introducing a dog into a home that already has a resident dog, potty training issues, destructive behavior in the house, crate training and many other issues that are typical when adopting a new dog. We also have a group Facebook page that we use as a support system so people can pose questions, post pictures of their dogs putting their newfound skills to the test, and share ideas that have worked for them.

If you have adopted a rescue dog or are one of the amazing fosters out there, and you feel this may benefit you, please contact Bayshore Dog Training at 800.649.7297.