Nervous or Anxious Dog? Tampa Bay Dog Trainer Can Help!

Nervous or Anxious Dog? Tampa Dog Trainer Can Help!

Some dogs have a lot of nervous energy. They pace, prowl, put their noses in everything, and sometimes seem a little jumpy. Most dogs with these tendencies have a lack of focus that can make it difficult for them to obey commands. They’re so concerned with everything going on around them they barely pay any attention to you, the owner, which affects their behavioral health. The constant stress can also begin affecting the dog’s physical health.

It’s best to get some help and teach your dog to focus that energy on you.

A few months ago, I worked with a two-year-old lab mix named Sandy. Sandy’s owner called because she was concerned about Sandy’s leash behavior, lack of obedience, separation anxiety, and counter surfing. This sounds like a lot to deal with at one time, but the good thing is that all of these problems are connected. They all stem from an excess of nervous energy, which stems from anxiety. And I can help with that.

The first thing I did was meet Sandy and her owner for an in-home consultation. This helped the owner and I get to know each other, and it also enabled me to see Sandy’s problem behavior for myself. Sandy never calmed down during the visit, exhibiting the nervous behavior the owner mentioned, and when we went for a walk she pulled at the leash and barked at other dogs. She never showed aggression, but the owner still couldn’t enjoy a nice, calm walk with her dog.

We implemented a plan to build Sandy’s confidence and place her focus on the owner. This involved a structured schedule, proper leash-handling techniques, and, of course, basic obedience training. Basic obedience training taught Sandy a few tricks as well as to listen for her owner’s commands. Listening requires focus, and that eliminates the opportunity for a dog to be distracted. The structured schedule helped Sandy trust her owner and feel more secure in her home. Dogs respond exceedingly well to boundaries and structure.

These communication and bond-strengthening techniques worked well for Sandy and made life a lot easier for her owner. To see how I can help you, give Bayshore Dog Training a call at 800.649.7297.